Top Fashion Design Universities/Colleges in Canada

Fashion lovers, it is time to rejoice and delve into Canada’s tranquil landscapes and enormous skyscrapers. But, apart from its alluring beauty, it is the pivot of the fashion industry. Big cats like George Sully, Charles Lu, Malorie Urbanovitch, Marie Saint Pierre, and more have transposed the basic ideology in a more innovative way.

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Top Fashion Design Universities/Colleges in Canada

According to a survey, the annual growth of the fashion industry of Canada will be worth $33.1 billion by 2025.

Before we dive into the best universities to study fashion design in Canada, let me take you through some outstanding designers who have completed their studies in Canada and have their fashion labels. To name a few, Beaufille, a Canadian fashion label run by two Canadian sisters, Lucian Matis is a brand name as well as the designer himself, and Malorie Urbanovitch and her label Urbanovitch.

So, are you excited to study amidst these universities and gain practical learning coupled with exposure along with face-to-face interaction with the top designers?


Universities Courses Fees
Coco Fashion Design Institute – Patternmaking for Fashion Design Diploma


– Patternmaking and Garment Construction Certificate


– Makeup Artistry Course






Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy – Fashion Design Program


– Couturier Program


– Part-Time Courses





$295 – $1,000

George Brown College – International Fashion Development Program $3,498.00
Ryerson University School of Fashion – Bachelors Course


– Master of Art Course




Lasalle College – Fashion Design Program


– Fashion Marketing Program




Significance of Fashion Designing

Not to wonder, but each one of us at some point in life must have dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. Isn’t it true?

Fashion designing is a beautiful art wherein designers bring out life with their artistry on garments and accessories. Furthermore, the patterns are swayed by cultural diversities from around the globe. Although love for fashion or anything cannot be infused in someone, rather it comes from within. In today’s world, a designer can either work for the masses or have their labels and present a unique collection in front of the world in haute couture.  But, in order to leave a blueprint in front of the world is essential so that everyone can know that there are irreplaceable unique rising designers. That can be beneficial for them as well as entrepreneurs, to build connections with each other and grow steadily.

A Window of Opportunities

After the completion of fashion design or related courses, the vision that a person carries has the power to create a colossal artwork.

Waiting for an opportunity after your education?

Wake up and show some excitement for Toronto Fashion Week!!

Toronto Fashion Week is an annual event that celebrates the beauty of the arts and culture of Canada as well as of international fashion. A platform that every designer dreams to launch their exquisite collection on the runway. Moreover, exhibiting the collection opens the world for designers, as many retailers, merchandisers, models, and fashion photographers look forward to building business connections. Showcasing a collection on such platforms can be a life-changing moment for an artist. Not only this but even if you are pursuing your course, there are still chances that you can have practical learning by applying for an internship in these fashion weeks.

Future Career Advancements After Fashion Designing In Canada

Once you are all set with the necessary skill sets of designing and have gained experience under prominent designers or well-known labels. It opens the sky for you, as there are unlimited options except designing garments. All you need is a creative mind, wit, erudition, and the ability to predict future market trends.

Further, to secure your place in the fashion industry, a superlative choice that you can make is to taste the flavour of every prospect of the course. So, your overall knowledge of the industry will prepare you for the unpredictable future.

Now, we are going to steal your glance and give you some of the fashion designer jobs in Canada that await potential, creative people with a passion for fashion bubbling within. Starting from being a designer, assistant designer, fashion stylist, textile designer, retail merchandiser, pattern maker, design director, fashion photographer, to being an art director.

Know your interest, and become the maestro of the fashion industry! The surprising news is that after completing the course, you can earn up to $28.21 per hour to $55,000 a year, even with little experience. Or if you are an experienced person, then it is like a cherry on the cake because on average, you can make up to $107,769 in a year.

In conclusion, studying in the Canada is an excellent choice for students looking to enhance their knowledge, experience diverse cultures, and broaden their horizons. With world-class universities, career opportunities, and a vibrant student life, the Canada is an ideal destination for students seeking a high-quality education and a life-changing experience.