Candlestick Patterns: A Guide to Understanding Market Trends – Trading Strategies – 6 February 2023

[ad_1] Introduction Candlestick patterns are a fundamental tool used by traders and investors for technical analysis in the stock market and Forex trading. They provide a visual representation of the market’s trends and the psychology of market participants. In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of candlestick patterns and how they can be used … Read more

EVERYTHING ABOUT SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE – Trading Strategies – 5 February 2023

[ad_1] EVERYTHING ABOUT SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE introduction Support and resistance are key concepts in technical analysis and are used by traders and investors to identify potential levels where an asset’s price may experience a change in direction. support and resistance  Support refers to a level where the price of an asset has struggled to move … Read more

ProLevelBreak – Trading Strategies – 3 February 2023

[ad_1] About ProLevelBreakEA MT5 version is available here: The MT4 version of the expert Advisor is here – Monitoring  – Keep in mind that the results on different brokers will be different, before using it, I recommend testing on your broker, on the issue of suitable brokers, write in PM, the main conditions are a low spread … Read more

THE MOST WANTED AI EXPERT – Trading Strategies – 3 February 2023

[ad_1] My story I have always been passionate about the world of finance and trading. When I first started exploring the world of forex, I was struck by how difficult it can be for the average person to navigate. There is so much information out there, and it can be overwhelming to try and make … Read more