Binance severs ties with Indian crypto exchange WazirX By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] The debacle between the global cryptocurrency exchange Binance and Zanmai, the operator behind the Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX, continues, with a new blog post stating that Binance is banning the latter from utilizing its services. On Feb. 3, Binance released a post that acknowledged the ongoing “public debate” with Zanmai over its claims of … Read more

Sri Lanka against Bitcoin adoption, rejects Draper’s anti-corruption pitch By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] © Reuters. On a recent visit to Sri Lanka, American billionaire Tim Draper pitched the idea of adopting (BTC) as a legal tender to fight against the corruption that contributed to hyperinflation in the island country. However, a key Sri Lankan authority — central bank Governor Nandalal Weerasinghe — believed doing so would worsen … Read more

Ray Dalio says Bitcoin is not the answer; the community responds By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] © Reuters While billionaire Ray Dalio believes that fiat is in jeopardy, he also thinks that neither (BTC) nor stablecoins are the answer. In response, crypto community members took to Twitter to express their opinion on the topic. In a recent interview on CNBC’s Squawk, Dalio shared his takes on Bitcoin being a potential … Read more

Little Shapes was a ‘social experiment’ to expose NFT botnets: founder By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] Atto, the pseudonymous founder behind Little Shapes NFT has revealed that the project was actually a “social experiment” designed to shed light on large-scale NFT bot network scams on Twitter. Since late December, Little Shapes had been attracting a fair amount of attention from the media and crypto community. This is due to several … Read more

Bitcoin NFTs cause spicy fees, Mastercard exec tokenizes resignation letter and more By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] © Reuters. Ordinals cause fees to spike The Bitcoin (BTC)-native Ordinals protocol is taking up record-breaking space on the blockchain and, in the process, hiking the transaction fees on the network. The divisive newly launched protocol allows for nonfungible token (NFT) assets on the Bitcoin mainnet by inscribing satoshis with content. The 31.2 kilobyte … Read more

FTX customers warned of scammers baiting them with return of assets By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX has acknowledged a recent spate of third-party scams and frauds aimed at swindling its already-embattled customers. On Feb. 3, FTX issued an alert to its customers regarding recent attempts by fraudsters about scam attempts, including asking them for money, fees, payments or account passwords. Continue Reading on Coin Telegraph [ad_2] … Read more

Australia introduces classification for crypto assets By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] Following the global regulatory race, Australia opened the public consultation on its own taxonomy of crypto assets. The national regulators propose to distinguish four major types of products related to the crypto industry. On Feb. 3, the Australian Treasury released a consultation paper on “token mapping,” announcing it as a foundational step in the … Read more

Silvergate faces DOJ investigation over FTX and Alameda dealings: Report By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] Crypto bank Silvergate is reportedly being probed by the United States Department of Justice fraud unit over its involvement with the bankrupt FTX exchange and its affiliates. The probe is investigating Silvergate’s hosting of accounts linked to former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s businesses, according to a Feb. 3 report by Bloomberg, which cited “people … Read more

Logan Paul and CryptoZoo hit with lawsuit as investors take action By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] CryptoZoo and Logan Paul have been named as defendants in a newly filed class-action lawsuit, which alleges they stole millions of dollars worth of purchaser’s cryptocurrency via a “fraudulent venture.” In a court filing on Feb. 2 in the District Court of the Western District of Texas, plaintiff Don Holland alleged that Paul and … Read more

Did US institutions prevail over Asian retail traders? By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] © Reuters. experienced the second-strongest January in its history — and the best since 2013 — rising nearly 40% amid wide reports that institutional investors were back on board. Zhong Yang Chan, head of research at CoinGecko, told Cointelegraph that there were “net institutional inflows into digital asset funds in January 2023, particularly in … Read more