Sri Lanka against Bitcoin adoption, rejects Draper’s anti-corruption pitch By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] © Reuters. On a recent visit to Sri Lanka, American billionaire Tim Draper pitched the idea of adopting (BTC) as a legal tender to fight against the corruption that contributed to hyperinflation in the island country. However, a key Sri Lankan authority — central bank Governor Nandalal Weerasinghe — believed doing so would worsen … Read more

Ray Dalio says Bitcoin is not the answer; the community responds By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] © Reuters While billionaire Ray Dalio believes that fiat is in jeopardy, he also thinks that neither (BTC) nor stablecoins are the answer. In response, crypto community members took to Twitter to express their opinion on the topic. In a recent interview on CNBC’s Squawk, Dalio shared his takes on Bitcoin being a potential … Read more

Bitcoin NFTs cause spicy fees, Mastercard exec tokenizes resignation letter and more By Cointelegraph

[ad_1] © Reuters. Ordinals cause fees to spike The Bitcoin (BTC)-native Ordinals protocol is taking up record-breaking space on the blockchain and, in the process, hiking the transaction fees on the network. The divisive newly launched protocol allows for nonfungible token (NFT) assets on the Bitcoin mainnet by inscribing satoshis with content. The 31.2 kilobyte … Read more