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New Alzheimer’s drug shows some promise, but has big price tag. Lecanemab, which will be sold under the brand name Leqembi, will be priced at $26,500 per year. Leqembi has received a slightly warmer reception from the medical community than predecessor drug Aduhelm.

What catch-up contribution? Congressional snafu leaves older retirement savers in limbo. Congress accidentally eliminated a provision that was supposed to let people make extra catch-up contributions to their retirement plans in their early 60s. Instead, the actual law did the exact opposite: As of next year it will make catch-up contributions impossible.

Is virtual reality a way to battle loneliness in older adults? The technology, called Alcove, is a consumer VR product publicly available to families at home through their own VR headsets. Consumers can download Alcove for free. It aims to tackle loneliness and isolation in older adults through connection with family and friends.

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