Live Trading Session Using “Supply Demand EA Pro” (7/2/2023) – Analytics & Forecasts – 7 February 2023




Hello traders,

Many traders believe that they need to spend much time in front of their screens in order to spot trades and be profitable. That is a wrong mindset.

Today i spent 40 minutes in front of my charts and i placed 3 trades in total. I got about ten alerts and i traded three of them.

I have enabled only the OnTouched Alerts and that means that i am getting an alert when price touches a Supply or Demand Zone.

After i get the alert i make my analysis and i decide if i want to place a trade or not.

You should not overtrading, every day has its own opportunities. You should be patient and let emotions out of your trading.

 My first trade was a Short Setup on GBPUSD M15 ,the second setup was a Short Trade on GOLD M15,

and the third setup was a Short Setup on US30 M15.

Finally all of them were in Green.

If you enjoy my trading style and you are interested for a Mentorship Program then send me an email,

and i would be more than happy to help you to achieve your trading goals.


You can watch my Live Session , on the Youtube Video below.


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