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Blue Boost is an automated system specialized in volatility management and focused on maintaining a low drawdown compared to historical data from test periods with high volatility. It uses a candlestick formation-based approach to make accurate trading decisions and has a comprehensive formula for efficient risk calculation. Designed to be scalable and robust, Blue Boost includes multiple carefully evaluated independent strategies and noise filters to have the best probability on the market.


  • Requires at least 1 GB of free RAM.
  • Make sure you understand how MT5 Expert Advisors work. See the Metatrader5 user guide here: [Link
  • The Blue Boost Expert Advisor is a high-risk tool designed to help achieve a favorable rate of profit in a volatile and changing environment. By using my experience and research time, I offer a strategy that has been validated through backtests and will continue to be updated based on market changes. It is important to note that backtests are only part of evaluating the effectiveness of the strategy and that the results of demo signals are a more accurate representation of how it will perform in the real market.
  • In addition, it is critical to consider that volatility and other external factors, such as changes in interest rates, shortages, and geopolitics, can have a significant impact on performance. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully manage the risk when using Blue Boost. Remember that there is no Expert Advisor that guarantees a 100% win rate and the goal of a trading robot is to deliver a stable and sustainable return, not a delusional profit.

Bug and errors:

  • To provide an efficient solution to any problems or errors experienced with Blue Boost, we ask that you provide us with detailed information. Please include a screenshot of your chart with corresponding orders (showing comments and magic number). Also, provide your Expert Advisor journal and logbook. With this information, we will be able to assess the situation and provide a timely solution. Please send all this information in a private message.
  • If you don’t have trades, review these steps:
  1. Make sure your MT5 is running 24/7.
  2. Check if you can read the enabled auto trading.
  3. Check if you have traded in the strategy tester with the same settings. If you don’t have trade in the fitting room, change the file type and try again until you find the good one.
  4. Check the spread.
  5. Check the VPS daily log to see if there is an error.
  6. Wait at least 1 day to allow time to have a signal.


  • Blue Boost will be continuously updated, including new features and optimizing the least effective strategies. You will be informed of recent updates via MQL5 message. It is advisable to keep Blue Boost updated to make the most of its potential. If you have any suggestions for additional features you’d like to see in Blue Boost, please let us know. We do not guarantee the implementation of all suggestions received, but we will be happy to consider and evaluate them appropriately.


What type of account should I use?

  • Low spread (RAW, ECN) You can choose any broker you trust. The less the spread, the better.
  • Hedging account.
  • It has at least 1:100 leverage.

What time frame should I use?

  • Place Blue Boost on the chart of your preference in M5.

How much do you earn per month?

  • The monthly profit will always depend on the risk that the trader wants to use.

Which VPS provider do you recommend?

  • You can use the VPS you like best, but the less latency it has, the better. I recommend latencies less than 200ms.

Are there limitations to using the expert?

  • This EA will not work on accounts with overnight position transfers (closing and reopening by the broker). ALL SWAP ACCOUNTS ARE FINE.
  • The EA must run on a VPS continuously.
  • It is strictly forbidden to close trades manually.

Why do I get different results in the backtest?

  • The quality of market data provided by your broker (varies from broker to broker).
  • Each broker’s swaps and spreads can have an impact on the results of the backtest.

Is backtesting the same as live trading?

  • If you have high-quality data provided by the broker, yes, it is exactly the same as actual trading.
  • Please make sure you have all the bars and ticks in the selected time, you can download them in “Symbols” (ctrl + U).
  • If you want to learn more about how to use symbol and tick data, you can read [Link] [Link 2]

How do I do a backtesting test?

  • If you want to learn more about how to use backtesting, you can use the Metatrader 5 information at [Link] [Link 2].
  • Long-term tests of 5 to 10 years are recommended to show the stability of the Expert Advisor under various market conditions.
  • Test only on the M5 time frame.
  • Select a delay according to the type of stress you want to apply to the bot and the appropriate leverage for your broker.

Is the default setting good?

  • Yes, the setting is normal and standard for a stable profit and DD, You can decrease the pairs to trade to get an even lower DD.

Can I run alongside other experts?

  • Yes, but make sure all your Expert Advisors have different magic numbers.

What if my account is in a currency other than USD?

  • No matter what currency your account is in, Blue Boost handles it automatically.

How to start the Expert Advisor?

  • Run Blue Boost only on a chart of your choice and only on the M5 time frame. Settings that affect automated trading are available in the Expert Advisors tab of the platform’s options. And make sure the “AutoTradingAuto Trading Enabled button is enabled.


  • The cost of Blue Boost is based on investment in pattern research, including costs associated with hardware and electricity, as well as time and effort spent on research, which can last several weeks per pair. In addition, the maintenance cost is considered to update patterns in case they are no longer efficient.
  • Importantly, the price of Blue Boost does not guarantee future performance. For those who consider the purchase price high for their account, there is the option to rent Blue Boost, allowing a reduced investment and the possibility of reinvesting the profits in the next period.


The result of the Blue Boost algorithm is the result of a dedication of years of research and development. Each additional pair of trades represents significant weeks of data processing and analysis.

If you appreciate this type of product, we encourage you to provide feedback in the form of a review.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via private message on MQL5 platform.

Have a nice day


Blue Boost.


Trading foreign exchange (“Forex”) on margin involves high risk and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not an indication of future results. In this case, too, the high degree of leverage can act both against you and in your favor. Before you decide to invest in currencies, you should carefully evaluate your investment objectives, experience, financial possibilities and willingness to take risks. There is a chance that you will lose your initial investment partially or completely. Therefore, you should not invest any funds that you cannot afford to lose completely in the worst case. You should also be aware of all the risks associated with forex trading and contact an independent financial advisor when in doubt.

Leverage allows traders, using a relatively small amount of money, to take a position that is many times the initial investment. This leverage effect can work both in your favor and to your detriment. The Forex market opens up the possibility of using this leverage effect to a high degree; At the same time, however, it also opens up the risk of experiencing large losses. Trade with caution when using leverage on trades or investments. Your risk is not particularly limited to the initial investment, but you can quickly fall into a negative range in case of strong movements, which means that you may be forced to pay much more than your initial bet.


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